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Margery Miller MonDragon



“The Chosen Ones,” is a medical thriller 90,000 words in length.  It is a story about a women’s fight to uncover the genetic code to life itself and to bring to the world The Book of Man.


Mara McClurg has been missing for five years.  She leaves behind two daughters who have grown into young women beneath a blanket of lies and secrecy.  Under great pressure from Jaye and Melissa (Mara’s daughters), Mara’s co-conspirators, Stokes and Carol, agree to reveal the true nature of Mara’s secret life.   Tired of the manipulation, the lies and the deceit, Carol and Stokes begin the story via (16) video- tapes, left behind by the guilt ridden Mara.


As a highly trained nurse, Mara finds her way into the US Genome Project, a chance to change medicine for all mankind. Her association in the hierarchy of government leads her into specialized training and a mission in which she holds the world itself in the palm of her hand.  She watches as countless people die with no hope to survive and no hope to be healed.  She struggles with the grating memory of their passing and seeks to find a new and better solution.


When the US government discovers that a private sector research facility (GenTech) has broken the genetic code, Mara is sent to recover the book of man.  She becomes a willing participant in the mission to cure all 4,000 genetic diseases known to man and she succumbs to the dream of a disease free world where everyone is young, healthy and beautiful. 



All moral barriers are broken.  She struggles with a life where truth has no meaning and she revels with demons that justify murder in exchange for the hope of life itself.  She risks heaven, hell, and the lives of her family to secure utopia.           


Mara gains the trust of GenTech officials, and is given the opportunity to work with Dr. T.W. Conner, curator of The Book of Man.  When she discovers his desire to defect from GenTech, the US government is contacted.  Mara and TW recognize one power to be no less evil than the other, an epiphany that sets the stage for espionage, murder and destruction.  In a desperate attempt to save The Book of Man, Mara and TW inject her daughters with the genetic secrets of human perfection. They finalize the destruction of GenTech by bombing the facility hoping to erase all its blackness and at least for now, guarding mankind from certain doom. 


Finished with the tapes and renewed by the hope that their mother is still alive, Jaye and Mimi set out to find her.  On a small, isolated island off the coast to Brazil, the girls finally touch the mother they have longed for.  Kept alive by GenTech and cared for by the church, Mara faces the ultimate punishment, a death sentence that will last the remainder of her tortured, crippled life.  Heartbroken, the girls realize Mara cannot be saved and they resolve to spend their last moments wrapped tightly within her arms.  The last breath comes quickly, and as the light dissipates from Mara’s spirit her legacy seeps quietly and peacefully into the ones she has crowned – The Chosen Ones.

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