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Margery I (Thomas) Miller-MonDragon (1953) was born and raised in Kennedy Township located west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a thirty five year veteran of the medical community, spending most of it as a hands on nurse. She began her medical career serving the sick, elderly and terminally ill and has spent many years acknowledging the medical, ethical and legal issues surrounding healthcare.

In later years, Marg taught medical paraprofessionals and wrote curriculum for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Private Licensed Schools. She is the author of thirteen, Associate in Specialized Business Degree Programs, numerous news articles and the television documentary, “School to Work, A Modern Day Dilemma.” In 1998 she published “Hemlock” (Sparrowgrass) and “To My Girls” (Schaub/Franz). She is a past member of the Executive committee, Tech/Prep Consortium of California University of Pennsylvania, and continues to provide independent assistance to the proprietary industry.

Currently, Marg is a freelance author who resides in Nevada, with her family.   She is a licensed minister who provides spiritual and life assistance services to those in need.  She is available for private appointments or public speaking engagements.

“The Chosen Ones-Thy Will Be Done” is the first of a series of books, with “They Walk Among Us,” “The Sword of Damocles” and the “River of Destruction” to follow.

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